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Dromomania most often develops in individuals of the emotive type.

An obsessive desire to change the situation is often observed in people who do not have a strong inner core and experience an internal conflict of needs, interests, and goals. An individual who does not understand his own desires and aspirations, does not know in which direction he is moving in life, at a subconscious level is simply afraid of the realities of drug of choice for svt. In such a situation, dromomania is a peculiar form of defensive behavior that allows you to avoid confronting reality, albeit in a very strange way.

Like other psychopathological syndromes, dromomania goes through several stages in its development, as they progress, the passion for vagrancy becomes more persistent. The intermediate phase - the stage of consolidation of the pathology - is characterized by the formation of an abnormal habit of vagrancy. When the slightest problem arises, the subject's consciousness is overcome by an irresistible desire to wander. The personality becomes unable to buy high blood pressure medication its obsessive impulses. At this stage, the duration of the period of vagrancy increases, and attacks of dromomania occur more often. Clinical signs of bipolar depression are often identified.

The final stage marks the stage of the final formation of dromomania syndrome. The individual loses the ability to control his impulsive impulses. During an episode of dromomania, the subject is unable to critically assess his condition, cannot influence his train of thought, and does not control his own behavior. Specific signs indicate the development of the pathological syndrome of dromomania. A person may be diagnosed with wanderlust if their condition meets the following criteria. Sudden unconscious irresistible urge to escape.

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  • The obsession to buy best hypertension medication home and go on a trip always arises spontaneously. An individual suffering from dromomania can interrupt the work process, leave the workplace and leave the office without saying a word to anyone.
  • Often the dromomaniac goes on wanderings in the middle of the night, while wearing clothes intended for sleeping. Such a subject leaves home without warning loved ones, and he does not take a mobile phone with him to contact relatives.
  • A subject suffering from dromomania is distinguished by cynical irresponsibility. While wandering, the individual is not bothered by thoughts of unfulfilled work, abandoned family, suffering children, or worried relatives.

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He goes into his unreal world, in which criteria such as responsibilities, the need for attention and care are not present.

However, as his abnormal passion is satisfied, the subject with dromomania begins to realize the illogicality and absurdity of his journey.

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